• About Sera

    SERA Computer Company is a leading IT company in the field of computers and associated solutions from the various top brands of the industries, SERA started its operations more than a decade ago and has grown to one of the top Companies in the Information Technology arena. It has also placed its name
    in the list of top
    Companies in the Kingdom in the field of Computers.
  • Technical Solutions

    This section as the provider of the ideal solutions to enrich the project with a summary of experiences and ideas that come to the reality of the working environment and provide the optimum solutions and the best investment of resources and projects and to avoid errors and achieve outstanding success of technical projects, God willing. And involved the formulation of modern technology give the nature of excellence and sophistication with universal standards of measurable sets in the hands of decision makers optimal solutions and the results and doing the studies and designs for the entire needs of both work and the client and the access to the highest levels of technology in this area, after study and a deep search for the best solutions are scientifically and technically economically, and based on what may be deemed necessary to maintain the highest level of performance and maximum stability and consistency in employment and eradication of potential weaknesses and turn them into points of strength and stability. more ..
  • Network and Digital Systems

    For the success of the business and access to services desired must be followed by the study, planning and implementation of quality care to the implementation of this section for technical projects and the development of infrastructure systems and wired and wireless networks based on the experienced team of engineers and skilled technicians. It was a great honor for the Foundation in the development and operation of some large projects in the region in many areas and is characterized by: special expertise in project operation and maintenance of networks and computer systems in government departments and major companies in the region. the implementation and maintenance of wired networks are supported on wire or fiber optic with installing and configuring all devices attached to the UTP, STP, FTP, Fiber Optic
  • Web Applications

    The section and after completion of the stages of the analytical study to provide software solutions optimal for all sectors of government work and the civil and health through an integrated team of programmers professionals working on the latest software systems to design and create sites based portals on the basis of high technical quality and effectiveness with out look design beautiful commensurate with the business sectors to provide superior e-services through the Internet In addition to providing these portals a range of programs and scripts that help manage the site professionally through the control panel that allows access to content for each destination or department. To edit or modify and add the updates it is very easy and convenient for most users of computers and users of Microsoft Office Word .
  • Sales

    The Foundation is an agent in the region for many original equipment and competitive prices in addition to computers and the subsequent assembly stages of the assessment of the quality and all attachments and accessories, printers and scanners Mobile Devices
    Includes abreast of the latest models and techniques and accessories from leading chip companies such as Toshiba, Dell, Acer, hp, Fujitsu Siemens, IBM, LG
    Device SA
    Included abreast of the latest versions of the devices: I-mate, hp, O2, Qtek


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